Plan the Perfect Wedding or Party
Need a Wedding or party DJ in Sacramento or Redding? Looking for a wedding venue in Sacramento? Need help with coordinating  wine country wedding? While I’m not a Wedding Planner or Special Event Coordinator in the traditional sense, weddings and parties are my main arena of expertise. I may not  help find wedding gowns or pick cakes, but I have a wealth of knowledge, tips and advice that will help you in putting together your perfect wedding.  And if you need a DJ for a party, I know how to keep things moving. As your DJ, I focus on your event being as perfect as possible, and as stress free as possible.

Yes, I Can Officiate Your Wedding!
After seeing my share of ministers arriving late, or not at all, I decided to become ordained to marry. I can be your Officiant and I follow your guidelines in regards to Religion, or give you a no-frills civil ceremony. As DJ I can have Wedding Music programmed to run simultaneously while I make your marriage legal and official. While music and DJ’ing is my expertise, I have given some great off the cuff ceremonies and I am comfortable and quite capable in handling them. This is also a great way to save some extra money.

Experience is Everything!
I’ve done it all. From finding a wedding venue in Sacramento, to being a wedding DJ in Napa to coordinating events in Redding and Chico.  As a party planning DJ, I share my vast career experiences with you. I don’t tell you what to do, I listen to what you want and make it happen. I’m here to make not only your guests, but the bride and groom and everyone involved have a great time at their wedding.

Here are some of the ways I can help you plan your perfect wedding:

  • Overall Scheduling of wedding phases to ensure seamless transitions.
  • Find Wedding venues in Sacramento, and Northern California.
  • I know the best secret wedding locations in Shasta County, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Elk Grove, Auburn and elsewhere to hold your event.
  • Help you plan out ceremony to ensure a beautiful entry way with the perfect music.
  • Schedule dinner, toasts, cake cutting, flower/garter toss, and other wedding events.
  • Support your wedding coordinator with events, or coordinate many myself.
  • Help you choose your songs and dances with respect to what you want as well as what you want for your guests.

Here are some ways that I can SAVE your wedding from disaster:

  • Ordained minister, I can be backup incase your minister fails to show
  • Likewise if wedding coordinator is a no-show, I have more experience than average DJ’s with event coordination and Emceeing.
  • I know how to recognize potential problems with coordination and event planning before they arise. I can let you know when and where something might go wrong and how to keep it from happening.
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